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Well fed in the Ofenloch!

Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel, Guestbook

Remarks: All prices in Euro,VAT included, tip is not included. 

Please tell us, if you have any allergy – our kitchen will try to consider it. Our service staff can advise you on allergenic ingredients in our dishes.

Please attend also our wine-menu as well as our tea-, coffee- and cake-menu.


Cover Chargeper person3,10


Smoked salmon tartare  apple, chives, pumpernickel bread, corn salad13,50
Roastbeef thin sliced  herb cream, rocket salad, crispy capers, egg
Gratinated Viennese escargot of Gugumuck  half a dozen, gratinated with herb butter, baguette
Flambéed pikeperch  orange oil, red mangel, radish, crispy leek
Beef tartare à la maison  dijon-mustard sauce, toasted white and brown bread12,00/16,90
Mixed salads and meadow herbs  sheep´s cheese, beetroot, balsam vinegar, cress, roasted seeds
Ofenloch´s mixed starter dish  selection of different appetizers, chosen by our chef de cuisine16,00


Beef broth  deep fried liver dumpling, crepe stripes or semolina dumpling
Cream soup of beetroot  fingershaped curd cheese dumplings, horseradish
Old-Viennese soup tureen  noodles, soup vegetables, boiled beef6,90

Main dishes

Roasted fillet of salmon trout  pea cream, sage butter, tomato onion confit
Saddle of lamb pink roasted  tomato leaf spinach, potato gratin, herb gravy
Ofenloch´s Spareribs  corncob, baked potato, red onion, home made BBQ and garlic sauce20,00
Breast of muscovy duck pink roasted  red cabbage with red currant, fingershaped chestnut potato dumplings, orange thyme gravy
Beef braised in red wine  herb pasta, bacon, Brussel sprouts, gravy
Home-made cep ravioli  sautéed mushrooms, peapods, spring onions, crème fraîche
Gratinated sheep´s cheese tomatoes in the pan  couscous, zucchini, tomato ragout, small leaf salad

Viennese Classics

"Wiener Schnitzel" of veal  stewed lingonberries, potato-field salad or potatoes with parsley
   as a variant: Cordon bleu of veal - takes a bit
Old-Viennese "Kaiserschnitzel" of milk calf  roasted fillet, buttered rice, ham, purée of peas, lemon-caper sauce23,90
Ofenloch´s beef goulash  beef cheeks, spicy paprika, "Debreziner" sausage, onion-ham dumplings15,00/20,50
Boiled beef  roast potatoes, a part of marrow bone, chives sauce, apple horseradish22,90
Baked calf´s liver   potato salad, sauce tartare20,70
Viennese roast beef  steamed, pasta spirally, fried onions, mustard gherkin
Glacéed calf´s liver  baked apple, red onion, spring onion puree 21,70
Home-made Riesling veal lights  root vegetables, chives dumpling 14,20/18,50
Old-Viennese "Backfleisch"  baked roast beef, dijon mustard, horseradish, creamy cucumber salad22,90
Old-Viennese fried chicken in the pan  1/2 deboned chicken, marinated in herb cream, potato cucumber salad, on popcorn bed (so crust remains crispy!)
Styrian "Backhendlsalat"  deep fried slices of chicken with pumpkin seed coating, potato-leaf salad in pumpkin seed oil, red onion, runner beans10,60/15,20

Children's Meals

Beef broth  crepe stripes
Home-made pasta  ham cream sauce9,50
Small deboned fried chicken  parsley potatoes, ketchup9,50


Old-Viennese Kaiserschmarren  torn pancake, roasted inbutter, stewed plums, rum raisins9,40
Home-made "Millirahmstrudel"  cream strudel, kanari milk, ice cream with rum raisins
Ofenloch´s chocolate turret  egg liqueur parfait, fruit sauce, berries
Duet of chocolate mousse in the glass  sour cherries with cinnamon, chocolate cookie, vanilla espuma
Home-made "Buchteln"  oven-baked yeast dumpling, filled with apricot jam, vanilla sauce - for two people
Ofenloch´s chocolate cake in the pan  soft core, wild berry ice cream - takes a bit of time
Selection of home-made sorbets  poured with sparkling wine 9,50
Select cheese specialities from „Poehl am Naschmarkt“ (Vienna´s biggest market for gourmets)  fig mustard, home-made chutney, nuts, butter, bread
Dessertvariation "à la Ofenloch"  at least for two people or more - price per person10,50